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It is always advisable to get everything right from start, at all times; therefore we suggest that before you make any move to establish your activity in Thailand, you seek the advice of experts.

We at C.A.T can counsel on the steps which enable you to obtain the business Visa to enter Thailand and subsequently, a Work Permit that will allow to start your occupation in accordance with the Thai regulations.

Initially, you need to obtain a Non-immigrant visa type "B" or, "O" (but not a Tourist Visa) from a Royal Thai Embassy in your country of residence, before moving to Thailand.

You can initiate the application for a Work Permit with the support of the Company which will employ you; this can be arranged by C.A.T, after which you have two choices:

- travel to Thailand in advance of your Work Permit being issued or,

- wait for it before departing.

However, in the earlier case, it is imperative that you don't start any activity before the permit is actually granted; this will be done with a validity coinciding with the Visa expiry date. During this time you will be able to apply for a one year extension for both, which shall be performed regularly afterwards.