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Nobody likes to pay taxes and especially, nobody likes to pay more than is due under the law. So, while accepting the inevitability of paying taxes it is wise to consider the benefits deriving from a strategic Tax Planning advisory service.

Tax Planning Considerations

Tax Planning is all about structuring your company’s or personal finances, business and investment strategies to make the best use of current legislation in Thailand in order to reduce your tax bills.

Tax Planning covers potential liability to taxes in many areas such as:

Income Tax

Inheritance Tax

Corporate Taxes

Property Taxes

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Customs Excises and Duties

Property & Other Assets

How you structure ownership and control of your property and other assets can have a dramatic affect on your tax liability. Use of offshore corporate structures and other more complex strategies may be required but can only be considered after assessing all of the facts concerning each client's personal

and unique circumstances.

So first step as always; come and have a chat and a cup of our delicious coffee and let us see just what we could do to save more of your hard-earned profits from falling into the hands of the Revenue department!

For more information on how we can help with your tax planning requirements please email us at [email protected] or call to arrange a no-obligation free consultation.


Independent company audits are sometimes necessary instruments for the management or CEOs of mother companies to assess in a comprehensive form their present performance and future forecasts.

When this becomes necessary we rely on some agreed independent auditors to carry out such assessments in accordance to the Thai Code of Practice


Tax Reviews and Refunds procedure


Another important aspect of the relationship between the companies and the Revenue Dept is the generally accepted idea that is very hard to obtain your due tax refunds, without having to go through some painstaking audits and investigations which may result in the application of penalties.

To this extent, one very important service our Company can provide, is to take over the task of initiating and completing the refund procedures of all types of Taxes with the Revenue Department.

The service consists in the review of all your accounting documents for compliance with Tax regulations, which will entitle you to a Tax refund of any kind, be it Personal or Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Specific Business Tax, etc., then submit and follow up the application, including meetings and

negotiations with the Revenue Department Officers, until the reimbursement is granted, for a fee which is normally a percentage of the sum recovered.